Stories of Difference

Like most writers, I have many gigs. I write for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, print and online media outlets and a gazillion or so other clients just to pay the bills. But it’s not all work. Some of the myriad things I get to write about matter to me personally. One such topic is living with limb loss and limb difference.

13319986_10209782602820841_2068472647386221344_nAs an above-knee amputee and bone cancer survivor, I have been the fortunate recipient of support from many groups, including Challenged Athletes Foundation, and countless individuals – doctors and nurses, prosthetists and other specialists, friends and family, fellow amputees and so many more. I therefore feel incredibly lucky to have the recurring opportunity to tell the story of incredible people living with limb loss and limb difference, which I do as a contributor to Amplitude magazine and inMotion, the two bi-monthly publications that unite and connect a community of people dealing with difference.

I couldn’t possible single out a favorite story from among the dozens I write each year for those two publications. Neither could I tag a single favorite subject from among the hundreds of amazing people I’ve been lucky enough to profile. But I was especially sarah-cover.jpgexcited to be able to profile Sarah Reinertsen for last month’s inMotion. Sarah is one of my personal heroes and one of our community’s most inspirational people. What she does is truly astounding, but who she is, that’s beyond special.

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