The Fires of Orc is a dystopian novel that imagines the end of civilization at the dawn of the Quantum Age, told from the perspective of a narrator looking back 50 years to the events leading up to a presidential election and recalling the chain of consequences that doomed the Old World.

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How He Won was written in the month immediately following the 2016 US Presidential Cover Finalelection. The book examines the tactical and strategic genius of the Trump campaign contrasted with the epic failure of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and presumptive victory. A year after the election, speculation now swirls around collusion with Russian interests and misuse of social networks to game the system to Trump’s advantage. However, even with the remaining unanswered questions, the story of the 2016 election is a lesson in using the new weapons of political war to their fullest potential.


A Rumour of Warres is a historical novel set in West Texas during the Dust Bowl autumn of 1934. It tells the story of a time and a people through the experiences of a young protagonist, Theo Watkins, whose visits with the characters of Piedra Plana in a single November day awaken the memory of a bygone America.RoW cover red

I remember the language of West Texas and how its speakers wove tapestries with words, how their speech shaped the recitation of mere facts, giving dimension to a story, coloring each word as a single element in a composition. I miss that language and those people. There was something about them that still clings to life in the American soul, but one has to listen more closely every day to hear their voice. I believe it’s still a voice worth listening to.

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Siddhartha is one of the 20th Century’s most widely read novels. The ninth novel by Siddharth Web Click CoverNobel Laureate Hermann Hesse, it is a tale of self-discovery. To the lover of literature, Siddhartha needs no fanfare. This translation, completed in 2018, 96 years since the original German publication, clings to the author’s text but brings a fresh approach to the language and style, crafting Hesse’s brilliant vision and purpose for a 21st Century readership.

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